12.03.2018, 11:30-13:00
Tiempo di Libri Milano

Fiera Milano City
Viale Lodovico Scarampo, 2,
20149 Milano

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From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg
Innovation in Culture – how good do technology and culture play together?
Technology is entering our lives on a whole new level. It is nearly impossible to avoid being part of the new digital economy.  Especially the creative Industries are getting challenged with new technological developments daily. But how can we make use of these challenges? How can Technology leverage innovation in Culture? The development of VR and AR for example, are no threat to the traditional storytelling in books or movies, on the contrary they make our industries fit for the future, they enhance experience and create new levels of storytelling.
Join us for this insightful session on the possibilities the future will bring.
  • Astrid Welter, Fondazione Prada, “New Storytelling for artists in VR – Carne y Arena”
  • Ugo Bacchella, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, “How cultural institutions use technology to innovate”
  • Alessandro Salvati, TuoMuseo “Father & Son, New Storytelling for a museum as a game”
  • Holger Volland, author, THE ARTS+ and moderator of the session.