Why creativity matters

Aktualisiert: 15. Nov. 2020

As a proud member of the Sonophilia society I was thrilled to be part at an experiment that collected the very personal stories of 16 creative minds. The results came up in a beautiful book that really matters. My own story involves my personal creativity role model Gustav Mesmer. He created and painted flying machines for many years, since he was imprisoned for being "mentally ill" and used his own creativity as a way to let his mind fly away from the ugly reality of his life. When finally released he was able to build some of the machines he had only drawn before.

Most books on creativity put one individual at the center of their narrative as the sole genius. But in a world where we need everybody's creative input for finding fresh answers, glorifying single individuals as "creative geniuses" sends out the wrong message. In sixteen personal stories shared by members of the Sonophilia community, Creativity Matters aims to encourage everyday people to unlock their creativity to tackle business, community and personal issues. Our essays manifest that no one is too small to make an impact and that the definition of creativity is as diverse as the people putting it into work. We have made an effort to write this book because we believe that creativity should not be seen as a privilege but as the essence of what makes us human. Now the time has come to demystify and to democratize creativity! Authors: Anastassia Lauterbach, Board Member Easy Jet, Dun & Bradstreet et. al.; Andreas Spechtler, CEO Silicon Castles Accelerator; Andy Zmolek, Founder of Phracta; Eva Wimmers, CEO NativeWaves; Franziska Wizany, Cultural Advisor; Gerhard Sigl, COO Commend International; Holger Seier, Head of Innovation Marketing Evonik; Holger Volland, SVP Frankfurter Buchmesse; Jeff Burton, Woodside Creek Ventures; Matthias Röder, Co-Founder Sonophilia Foundation; Roman Lipski, AI Artist; Seda Röder, Co-Founder Sonophilia Foundation; Simon Zabell, Professor of Sculpture University of Granada; Stefan Beckers, Chief Engineer of Consumer Cars at Ford; Towa von Bismark, UBS Global Head of Foundations & Special Contribution by Hans Ulrich Obrist Artistic Director of Serpentine Galleries.

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